Spicy Habanero Sliders



  • 2 habanero chiles–stemmed, halved and seeded
  • 2 jalapeños–stemmed, halved and seeded
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • ½ pound ground pork
  • ½ pound ground beef
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon ground cumin
  • ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 cup ketchup
  • ½ cup Sriracha
  • 10 slices pepper jack cheese
  • 10 small brioche rolls, toasted


1. Light a grill, or alternatively heat a cast-iron grill pan over medium-high heat. Place a large piece of aluminum foil on a clean work surface, put the habaneros and jalapeños in the center, and drizzle with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil. Season with salt and pepper, then crimp the edges of the foil to seal into a packet. Grill the packet until the peppers are soft and lightly charred, 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the peppers from the packet and let cool, then chop finely.

2. In a medium bowl, combine the chopped peppers with the ground pork and ground beef until incorporated. Using your hands, form the mixture into 10 small patties, then season liberally with salt and pepper.

3. In a small bowl, combine the chili powder, cumin and cayenne. Sprinkle the seasoning over both sides of the patties. In another small bowl, mix the ketchup and Sriracha until smooth.

4. Place the patties on the hot grill. Brush the tops with the ketchup mixture and cook, flipping once and rebrushing with the ketchup mixture, until charred and medium rare, 2 to 3 minutes per side. After you flip the burgers, top with pepper jack cheese to let melt.

5. Lay out the bottoms of the buns on a platter and place a burger on each. Top with the bun tops and serve.


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