Honeydew Cucumber Margarita Popsicle



  • 1 cup honeydew juice (approx. a whole melon)
  • 1/3 cup cucumber juice
  • half cup tequila
  • 1 tbs triple sec
  • 1 tbs fresh lime juice
  • 1 tbs mint simple syrup (recipe below)
  • 3 large mint springs

For the mint syrup:

  • half cup water
  • half cup sugar
  • 1 cup mint leaves, loosely packed


To make the mint syrup place sugar and water in a pot over heat until the sugar dissolves. Leave the mixture to cool to room temperature, place mint leaves in a mixture and muddle. Allow mint leaves to steep for 20 minutes. Strain and discard leaves.

Place the honeydew and cucumber in a food processor or blend and process until everything is pureed. Add tequila, triple sec., lime juice and mint syrup and process for another 20-30 seconds to blend well. Pour mixture into popsicle mould.

Freeze for about 2 hours or until mixture starts to solidify enough to hold a popsicle stick upright. Insert popsicle sticks and finish freezing popsicle overnight. To release popsicle run hot water on the outside of popsicle moulds for 2-3 seconds.


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