Kirsch-Soaked Cherries With Black Pudding Krispies



  • Kirsch-cured cherries (1 jar of at least 30)
  • 400g of black pudding,
  • 2 eggs
  • 20g of cornflour
  • 100g of flour, for coating
  • 300g of puffed rice, placed in a large bowl


1 Drain the cherries thoroughly and use kitchen paper to absorb any excess liquor. Blitz the black pudding in a food processor, then add 1 egg and the cornflour and blitz again
2 Place a small amount of the black pudding mix in the palm of your hand and flatten out slightly. Place a cherry in the centre and lift the sides of the black pudding mix around the cherry to enclose, like you would do to make Scotch eggs. Repeat until all of the cherries are enclosed
3 Add the remaining egg to a bowl and whisk lightly to make an egg wash. Lightly coat the black pudding balls in the flour and shake off any excess
4 Dredge each ball in the egg 3-4 times to coat well, then place in the puffed rice bowl, shaking vigorously so the balls are well-coated
Deep-fry the balls at 180°C for 2-3 minutes, drain on kitchen paper and serve warm

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